5 examples of paper products with write-ups…
September 7, 2011, 2:31 am
Filed under: Grid Layouts, Write-ups, and Re-do!, projects process/other

1. In this article the use of grid makes your eye move through the entire piece. The Way the photo and text are placed directs attention creating organization, as well as, a first read, a second read, and so on. You see a picture of who the article is about and a quote from someone about her. I like the overall look, as well as, the context. The article was interesting and looks professional. It gives what the article needs to be a successful design.

2. This advertisement caught my eye because it’s clever and interesting. The picture has a nice way of combining elements, coconut and science (the beaker). The information tells you good facts that also make you want the product. In advertisement this is a great way of attracting people to the product. Things are lined up, easy to read, and look appealing.

3. This two page spread of the beginning of the article in Rolling Stone magazine is fun and eye catching. The type is great, as well as, the photos! The small amount of text is bold and easy to read, it even uses grid. It’s simple yet complex; there are not a lot of elements but everything creates a nice negative space for it to breath. Type is a hard thing to work with whether there is a lot or a little. To be creative like this takes a lot of talent.

4. This is another two page spread that I liked. It has a great picture and a great use of type. Especially the title it gets your attention and makes your eye move through the rest of the article. My eye directly goes to the picture, then moves to the title, and follows to the body copy. I liked the font and the colored boxes that aren’t strait. I would assume that is an example of a great way of breaking the grid.

5. This ad for Filtrate eyewear is pretty awesome! I like the creative use of illustration that is incorporated in it. Also the type placed at the bottom of the ad works well. The product’s on a person and he has a smile. The monkeys are adorable, “It’s Our Choice.” I think there’s a small use of the grid but it looks broken like a step ladder or stairs at the bottom of the page, it could be modular, it seems complex.


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